• Assist the incubates in creating sustainable and scalable business model.
  • Provide co-working space, Laboratory facilities and Value added support services.
  • Create a strong network of Mentors who would provide sector specific knowledge and real world practical guidance.
  • Conduct start up events and motivational programs.
  • Provide trainings and mentoring to entrepreneurs
  • Forge partnership and networks with academia, Industry, Funding sources, Existing Incubators, Textile Research Institutes and others for the start up to leverage .
  • Enable access to prototyping facilities, Test beds, markets and pilot implementation for the product / services.
  • Build a strong team with adequate knowledge and experience in guiding start ups, building business plans, facilitating investments, building networks etc.
  • Act as knowledge transfer centre (KTC) to disseminate Research outcomes of academia and Textile Research Institute to support Innovation and sustainability in Textile Industries.